Project Description


  • Useful Hashtags
  • Easy to use
  • Easy on the eye
  • Built by Cloudular
  • Guaranteed to get you more views


YouTag was the second Android App the Cloudular Founder Baillie Barber ever made, It’s a really simple tool that generates 3 hashtags at a time for you to use in your youtube videos, The app has gone through many name changes like many Cloudular brands but it still remains as simple but effective as it was before, Cloudular are always updating this app, Adding new hashtags and removing ones that don’t work


If you have any suggestions for this app or another cloudular app please email, Please include the App/Website name in the subject

Features Continued

  • It’s free
  • Only has small banner ads at the bottom of the screen, Nothing intrusive
  • forever getting updated


Check it out