Project Description


  • Heatmaps
  • Session Replays
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Goal Tracking
  • UTM Source, Medium & Campaigns
  • Referrers

Cloudulytics is an advanced analytics system built by Cloudular with things like Session Replays, Heatmaps and Goal Tracking all while respecting privacy and abiding by privacy laws, Our session replays don’t capture sensitive information like Names, Usernames, Passwords, Addresses, Email Addresses etc we don’t capture IP addresses either, Only the country the visitor is from, Screen Resolution, OS, Device etc


Cloudulytics doesn’t have access to any information it captures on a clients website, That is for the client only to see we only see what we capture on our own websites that our pixel is on

Anyone can optout of being tracked by cloudulytics by inputing             ?pixel_optout=true for example if you are using and don’t want to be tracked you put into your URL Bar

Features Continued

  • Teams Module
  • Very Detailed “Help” Section
  • Easy Install (Place Pixel Into Header of Your Website)
  • Cheapest of it’s kind
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