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ClouduProof is a Lead Generator and FOMO Notification website it was launched by Cloudular in May 2020 to help people grow their brand further how you may ask?, It can create notifications that tell people how many people are visiting right now, how many people have bought a product, latest reviews, feedback notifications so people can tell you how good your website/product is

It can also create informational notifications this is good for if you have an important announcement you need to tell users about, You can target all pages or specific pages for any notification to display on

Coupon notifications and email collectors aswell as much much more can be created

Informational Bar

Fully customizable informational bar for the top or bottom.


Display a small widget with an informative Image of your choice.

Collector Bar

Collect emails or leads without distracting the users.

Coupon Bar

Top or bottom simple bar to give your visitors a nice coupon for them to use.

Button Bar

Top or bottom cool bar to promote anything to your visitors.

Modal Collector

Collect leads with a nice looking and big modal.

Modal Two Collector

Collect leads with a nice looking and big modal.

Call to action

Raise awareness and cta with a nice looking modal.

Text Feedback

Collect better and straight forward insight from your users.

Engagement Links

Display a subtle widget which contains all of your relevant links.


Fully customizable informational message for your users.


The best way to let your users know that you are running a sale.

Live Counter

Show your visitors how many people are on your site to create more trust.

Email Collector

Easily collect emails and generate leads from your users.

Latest Conversion

Establish social proof by displaying your most recent conversions on your site.

Conversions Counter

Establish social proof by showing how many recent conversions you’ve got.


Easily display a small widget with an informative YouTube video.

Social Share

Let others share your content and generate more traffic for you.

Random Review

Display a random review/testimonial from your clients to create social proof.

Emoji Feedback

An interactive way for your users to give you feedback about your site.

Cookie Notification

Notify your users that you are using cookies on your site.

Score Feedback

The easiest way for your users to give you a score feedback.

Request Collector

Collecting leads has never been easier with the request collector.

Countdown Collector

Create urgency/FOMO with a countdown timer and an input for lead generation.