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How to create a Biolink?

How to create a Biolink?
Here we are going to show you how to create a biolink page step by step on our own website (There isn’t that many steps 😉)
  1. Go to
  2. Click Register
  3. Fill in your details (You must use your real email account because you will get an activation email, Every so often we go through all our users and delete any accounts marked “Disabled” this means you haven’t activated it meaning your email probably isn’t real)
  4. Click activation email in your email account
  5. Create a project from your dashboard
  6. Once inside the project click “Create a link”
  7. Click BioLink
  8. Design it as you please 😃
There are a lot you can do with a Free ClouduLink account but we do have optional premium accounts you can check out, We will never force these on you or make our free accounts impossible to use but we do appreciate it when someone purchases one of these even if it is just for a month #helpsmallbusinesses   If you need any help there are many options choose from any of the below Thank you for reading this, Look out for more How To’s on or Cloudular Support   Regards,   Baillie Barber Founder/CEO    
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