The main thing we get asked about by Clients is do you know where I can find a cheap linktree alternative? The short answer is Yes, Cloudulink


Now for the long answer and why ClouduLink is perfect for you, No matter who you are

lets start with this picture (we know it’s not the best designed) but it gets the message across and that’s all we need, Both of these biolink pages are a free account and as you can see with you can embed media natively rather than as a link, You can add social URLs in the social bar at the bottom rather than as a URL in the list which clogs up the page, you can add an image with a link essentially creating your own banner ad within your biolink page, The possibilities are endless


Linktree also don’t offer “premium” support if you’re on the free plan, Here at Cloudular just by being on a page we have made you get premium support, Even if you’re not signed up and need help, That’s why we built Cloudular Support


Check out what we have available on our free plan HERE


We look forward to helping you build your brand


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