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ClouduLytics Misconceptions

ClouduLytics Misconceptions
This is just a short post to ease your mind about using ClouduLytics or using a website that uses ClouduLytics to track your movements
  1. Cloudulytics session replays can not see your Name, Username, Password or any other “sensitive” info you can see more about it HERE You can scroll to the bottom to the “Session Recording & Replay” Section
  2. Not all websites use the Session Replay options they only want advanced statistics
  3. Cloudular can not see data from a clients account we only see data we track on our own websites so for example if John Doe signs up to Cloudulytics and adds their website and activates session replays, Only John Doe & His Team can see that data, We can only see data through our own account from the websites we install our pixel on which are Cloudular owned websites like, etc
  4. Cloudulytics is not hard to install see how to here there are 5 very simple steps
  5. Cloudulytics does respect privacy and you can optout of being tracked on a certain website by cloudulytics by inputting this changing to the website you don’t want to be tracked on
That will do for now, Please check out our new support center for all things Cloudular, You can see our knowledgebase, FAQ’s, Submit tickets and see How to videos   Thanks for supporting Cloudular   Baillie Barber Founder/CEO Cloudular LTD
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